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With 105 acres of natural ranch land at the foothills of the Ochoco Mountains in Central Oregon, we envisioned it the perfect backdrop in being a part of our non-traditional western ranch. You won’t find heads of black angus cattle feeding openly, but you will find a multitude of different saved animals we plan to pick up from special situations.

The Sun Life Ranch will be our private sanctuary that we intend on populating with what might be an eclectic mix of farm and livestock. The land as we develop and secure its borders, will share itself with an ability to also hike, ride and explore

Come Wild Come All

Pleasure horses are the cornerstone. Select breeding of specialty horses will follow. But our love of a horses wild spirit like that of which is found in wild horse and burrow programs is where our adoption nature takes over.

We want to make sure that we do our part in saving these horses from their certain early end of life captures. Our ranch, although small, will provide both a sense of security and a reflection of the open life they once had.

Orchard Grass Hay- Central Oregon

Our farm acreage will help support not only our horses, but many others as we grow orchard grass hay for both sale and personal use on the ranch. Nestled on both sides of our organic Lavender fields, we prepped the fields for our first years growth in 2020.

We anticipate two cuttings this year and triple cuttings moving forward into 2021.

You can visit our broker and hauling site at to purchase.

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Get To Know Us Better

Meet Amy and Jeff of Sun Life Farm and Ranch. We moved to Prineville with a vision of starting a farm and ranch that encompasses everything that is dear to us. Cultivating crops that feed horses, help promote healing alternatives and providing a haven for animal care. Most importantly to us is in that we want to share the experience with all the friends and business associates we make along the way.