From our initial contact to purchase our property, right up to dropping our first Lavender plant into the ground, these are the caring professionals that helped make it happen. Where would we BEE without them!

Kacey Taylor/ Realtor Bend Premier Real Estate

We have worked with realtors before and all of them have been incredible. But there is that one special someone that literally eclipses the best experience. Kacey Taylor should be everyone’s choice in our opinion. She is truly at the top of the Real Estate game.

Ochoco Irrigation District

Our farm has 55 acres of irrigation rights from which we can draw water for our lavender and orchard grass crops. Understanding and gaining knowledge of how all that works was important to us. Ross, Julie,

Oregon State University AG Extension Services

One of our first groups to reach to. They are truly “the resource” for all things Ag. We worked with three different specialists, each taking extended time to educate us during their site visits. Myelen, was instrumental in assessing our forage areas. Incredible crew here in Central Oregon.


Northwest FCS finances farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses, commercial fishermen, timber producers and rural homeowners as well as farm-related businesses, agricultural cooperatives and rural utilities. For more than 100 years, Farm Credit has provided financing to farmers and ranchers across the Northwest. We serve a wide spectrum of agriculture, including part-time farmers, young and beginning producers, commercial operations, and large, vertically integrated businesses.

L&M Supply

Nothing beats a USA product. It was refreshing to find a company for supplying our weed protection wrap right here in America (Georgia). Working with Jim Taylor, from the start was everything you could ask for. Right during a pandemic, he was the quintessential professional. Able to fulfill the order, get it shipped. Wow.

Broadus Bees

We attended lectures and programs and wanted to make sure we landed the perfect partner to help get our bee and honey program started. Jimmy Wilkie’s expertise and commitment to bees and the environment totally aligned with ours. Highly recommend

John Gamble Farming

After a short search, we were referred to John to assist us with getting the farm acreage converted back to crop ready status. He is an exceptional friend to our farm. Knows the property and we anticipate our partnership in farming and marketing the hay will be a great one!

Pratum Co-Op

The beauty of building a network is that others networks become incredible connections too. John Gamble referred us to Ryan at Pratum Co-Op to work us up our soil sample tests. From here, we have a perfect plan in place for fortifying the soil with what’s needed to be Lavender Organic.

Divina Vida

The beauty of today’s social platforms is that it has enabled friends to find one another after decades. It was an added bonus that when connecting with our friend Lisa, we found she owns an organic farm in Costa Rica. Better yet, she will be supplying us with organic Turmeric for our honey infusions.

Pratum Co-Op

The beauty of building a network is that others networks become incredible connections too. John Gamble referred us to Ryan at Pratum Co-Op to work us up our soil sample tests. From here, we have a perfect plan in place for fortifying the soil with what’s needed to be Lavender Organic.

HD Fowler

Another referral as the right group to work with for our drip irrigation needs. Nancy Sied from their Wilsonville office is a true gem. She cares about what you are doing as a farm and how they can best help you achieve the maximum result using their products. With a Central Oregon location too, we are sold!


Coastal Farm and Ranch

We just arrived to the area in mid-December. I remembered Coastal from years passed and how cool they were. They are customer proactive and carry a lot of the right stuff so you can limit your travel. From work boots to horse equipment and more, we call them the “toy store” when we head there.

Ochoco Feed and Supplies - Prineville

Walking into Ochoco Feed is like taking me back 50 years when my father took me into old hardware stores. The 2×4 on end flooring, nice and darkened is just the start of a great experience every time I walk in. And the customer service is just how all customer service should be. I stopped in there once, not to buy anything, but to lift my spirit one day. Cool place.

Oregon Seed and Irrigation

Wow. We hit a home run on our first trip to Oregon Seed and Irrigation in Redmond. Saw their ad in the Central Oregon Rancher magazine, stopped in for our irrigation repair needs and hit the jackpot! Add to that a TON of pet supplies and feed and it has become our Sun Life Dogs favorite place as well! Go see em. Great people.

ACE Hardware Prineville - Phils Hardware

In this new age of social distancing and Jeff being high risk, the very thought that ordering online and picking up curbside was appealing. Phil’s Ace Hardware, goes above and beyond in their customer service with each of our orders. And with ACE, not too much they don’t carry. ACE has always been a favorite of ours, but this store could be their number one.

Prineville Chamber of Commerce

Before we even moved to Central Oregon, we would follow Prineville Chamber on Facebook. Seven months to be exact. This group really is the perfect example of small town pride. They support, promote and keep the spirits uplifted with their incredible area coverage of businesses, organizations and events. We joined up with them during the pandemic, and even at the virtual only level, they continue to impress us. #prinevilleproud

Get To Know Us Better

Meet Amy and Jeff of Sun Life Farm and Ranch. We moved to Prineville with a vision of starting a farm and ranch that encompasses everything that is dear to us. Cultivating crops that feed horses, help promote healing alternatives and providing a haven for animal care. Most importantly to us is in that we want to share the experience with all the friends and business associates we make along the way.