Central Oregon A Network of GREAT People

A Rewarding Experience

It has been a fun and rewarding experience to develop Sun Life Farm and Ranch. We began our journey early on before even contracting to buy the property. We closed on the property in mid -January 2020. The new relationships and support from the many we have come into contact with in just a short time is incredible to us.

We are blessed to have chosen such a great area and state to live out the Sun Life.
We encourage you to discover our farm friends and we’ll continue to add more and more along the way


These companies help Oregon and America stay strong in the farming industry. Learn how they helped us at SunLife.


Finding and connecting with networks that help local businesses is important to success. Finding the genuine ones is even better!


Friends have found us on their life journey, many participate in our CSA programs or visit our farm. Become a friend for Life.

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