Pet Friendly Products

At our farm and ranch

Every dog has its day. Every day is a Sun Life Day for us dogs here on the farm and ranch. We are the busy ones as it’s our job to promote lavender products that are pet friendly and made for pets.

We choose to call it our Labender products in honor of our senior founder Tango “BuzzBee” Fox. Our other Sun Life Dogs are Boots akaBootyDavis and Biscuit aka “Limousine”.

What Does a Sun Life Dog Do on a Farm and Ranch?

In Central Oregon, farming and ranching is a 24/7 job, at least for us. It’s our job to chase after sage rats “ground gophers” that are in our fields. We do what we call “dig and disrupt.

That’s when we chase them back into their hole, then dig deep to disrupt their little homes beneath.

We don’t believe in using poison to get rid of them, and quite frankly we have yet to catch one, but it sure makes for fun entertainment.

Sun Life Dog Approved

We’re all about testing new products. Or maybe we are just spoiled by our owners and simply get a lot of toys, treats and products.
We give honest feedback about what we think about the product and post it on our social pages. Got something you want our feedback on? Send it to us. We’ll put it through the farm and ranch dog testing.

Sun Life Labender

Every dog knows the feeling. Change of season’s affects us just like our human counterparts. Itchy skin and dry cracked paw pads are not fun for us. Try out our “Labender” products from Sun Life Farm Lavender.
From the field, to our product processing and shipped direct to you.

Our products are sure to please. They’ve been Sun Life Dog endorsed.

Get To Know Us Better

Meet Amy and Jeff of Sun Life Farm and Ranch. We moved to Prineville with a vision of starting a farm and ranch that encompasses everything that is dear to us. Cultivating crops that feed horses, help promote healing alternatives and providing a haven for animal care. Most importantly to us is in that we want to share the experience with all the friends and business associates we make along the way.