Sun Life Bees and Honey

Real Lavender is the Key

Honeybees continue to be an endangered species worldwide.
They are such an invaluable key component to our very human existence. They account for 1/3 of the food we consume. Without them, Einstein theorized we would not exist. It was this fascination in reading about the worlds bee population a few years ago that sparked our interest. We knew we wanted to be a part of protecting and fostering a haven from which they could thrive.

We anticipate growing our colonies substantially as we grow our Lavender production each year. Our commitment to education, preservation and partnering with our bees in joint production of honey is a deeply fulfilling part of our Sun Life Farm.

Learning from the Master

Starting a bee colony for production takes planning, education and drive. We embarked on the process and found an incredible master Beekeeper in Jimmie Wilkie of Broadus Bees in Bend Oregon.
Jimmie’s expertise led us to the purchase of two full hives, staffed with purebred Russian Honey Bee Queens and their workers.
We are excited to have our experience include Jimmie and his production knowledge.

Sun Life Honey Products

We want to keep it simple in year one of our operation as it relates to our bee products. Expect that our bees will be feeding off of our Lavender and clover ground cover crop in addition to the ranches natural flowering plants.

We will certainly be offering our raw lavender honey as well as some organic turmeric infused honey made from our farm friend in Costa Rica organic Turmeric.

Get To Know Us Better

Meet Amy and Jeff of Sun Life Farm and Ranch. We moved to Prineville with a vision of starting a farm and ranch that encompasses everything that is dear to us. Cultivating crops that feed horses, help promote healing alternatives and providing a haven for animal care. Most importantly to us is in that we want to share the experience with all the friends and business associates we make along the way.