Central Oregon Lavender, Honey & Hay

SunLife – A Balanced Choice


The key to a healthy food world starts with well managed bees. We have BootahBees


Our farm starts, grows and plants from the worlds most trusted source for new natural lavender


We’re working to create a ranch sanctuary complete with natural orchard grass farming.

Fully Organic Lavender Plants in Central Oregon

Welcome to SunLife Farm and Ranch

Located just outside of Prineville at the foothills of the Ochoco Mountains in Central Oregon, is SunLife Farm and Ranch with certified 100% organic lavender plants. 

An incredible 160 acres of mixed farming and ranch land offering incredible distant views of Three Sisters and Mt. Bachelor rising up out of the Cascade mountain range. Our farming operation covers 55 irrigated acres using fresh water from the Ochoco reservoir’s mountain runoff supply. Our ranch has a unique sanctuary plan to cover the remaining 105 acres of natural pristine terrain. We’re focused on living the Sun Life with nature, crops and animals.

Sun Life Bees and Ochoco Honey


Bees increase crop yields by pollination and are needed worldwide.


Managing bees is a satisfying part of our operations here at SunLife.


We started with two Russian Honey bee colonies. Growing soon.

Sun Life Bees and Ochoco Honey


We share our honey yields with you and our bees. It’s natural.


Our processing plan with BroadUs Bees assures master quality yields.


Local honey consumption is GREAT for its many medicinal properties.

Russian Honey Bee's

Our Russian Honey Bee colonies are newly in and setting up their operations in two hives. We are extremely excited as we have dreamed of beekeeping for years. With our organic lavender plants arriving this summer, we anticipate an easy transition into the beautiful world of bees. Our partnership with Bend Oregon master commercial beekeeper Jimmy Wilkie at Broadus Bees assures us that we’re in great hands for delivering exceptional honey based products from SunLife Farm for years to come.

Russian Honey Bees
Fully Organic Lavender Plants in Central Oregon

SunLife  Farm and Ochoco Lavender

Become a part of the experience as we transform our land into a full lavender echinacea and natural orchard grass farm. We planted our first 1200 fully certified 100% organic lavender plants in June 2020. Follow us on social media as we chronicle our journey in becoming another Premier Lavender provider in Central Oregon as Ochoco Lavender at SunLife Farm and Ranch.

Next up, we’ll be preparing our processing areas, installing our distillation equipment and erecting greenhouses to support our propagation and wholesale operations for 2021 and beyond..

Ochoco Lavender

Follow our farm, ranch and Lavender operations from our social media outlets. We find farming fun and exciting! Catch our first annual harvest party. Sure to be a hit!

Organic Lavender Plants in Central Oregon

Wild Horses at Sun Life Ranch

As we prepare our ranch operations, we are opting for the less traditional. The only cows you’ll find are ones that we saved to  live out a full and protected life span. It’s about cows, goats and more. If we can save them and we have room. We will.
See for yourself.

A Central Oregon Sanctuary In the Making

In addition to our pleasure horses, we will play a role in saving by adoption from the Wild Horse programs in the western states.

Wild Horses at Sun Life Ranch

Every Farm and Ranch Has to Have Its Dogs

In Central Oregon, farming and ranching is a 24/7 job, at least for us. It’s our job to chase after sage rats “ground gophers” that are in our fields. We do what we call “dig and disrupt”. That’s when we chase them back into their hole, then dig deep to disrupt their little homes beneath. We don’t believe in using poison to get rid of them, and quite frankly we have yet to catch one, but it sure makes for fun entertainment.

Farm and Ranch in Central Oregon
Every dog has its day. Every day is a Sun Life Day for us dogs here on the farm and ranch.

We are the busy ones as it’s our job to promote lavender products that are pet friendly and made for pets.
We choose to call it our “Labender” products in honor of our senior founder Tango “BuzzBee” Fox.
Our other Sun Life Dogs are Boots aka “BootyDavis” and Biscuit aka “Frog the Dog”.

Farm Friends

We are thankful to the many great Central Oregon and national resources that have been instrumental in getting us off on the right foot as a newly active farming business. From our real estate purchase to educational seminars, farm mentoring, equipment, products, custom farm services, commerce support and marketing arms to support our growth.

Get To Know Us Better

Meet Amy and Jeff of Sun Life Farm and Ranch. We moved to Prineville with a vision of starting a farm and ranch that encompasses everything that is dear to us. Cultivating crops that feed horses, help promote healing alternatives and providing a haven for animal care. Most importantly to us is in that we want to share the experience with all the friends and business associates we make along the way.